• Interior Demolition
  • Removal of domestic water pipes, heating pipes
  • Removal of boilers
  • Removal of structures
  • Obtain all required permits


Infectious Control

We have certified technicians for infectious control. The technicians perform infectious control and cleaning using IICRC Standards and training certification. We provide sanitization and disinfection services for bacteria, viruses, and more. The disinfectant is environmentally safe and will improve the air quality immediately.


Containment Set-up

We are able to provided simple single flap poly door containments to elaborate larger full scale containments with hard hoarding zippers, viewing windows, etc.


Negative Air Rental

Negative air machines remove hazardous particles from the air using filters. The air is removed from a contained area using HEPA filtration removing 99.97% of particulate and exhausted outside. Negative airs are typically used in medical buildings and constructions sites.


Dry Ice Blasting

Dry ice blasting is an effective and safe cleaning method with no residue. Dry ice can be used for mould remediation, fire restoration, lead abatement and more.


Lead Abatement

Lead is highly toxic and lead based materials can be found in older buildings which poses a health risk to its occupants. We can perform an assessment of the suspected lead contamination and provide lead abatement services. We are able to safely remove and properly dispose of lead and lead contaminated materials. If necessary, we can set-up an enclosure to ensure the safety of occupants and avoid further contamination.


Disaster and Industrial Clean-Up

G.T. Gardiner / Gardiner Environmental has been reliable in disaster clean-up and provides these services across Canada.

  • High Reviver Flood 2013
  • Fort McMurray Fires 2016
  • Fort McMurray Floods 2020


We also provide industrial clean-up and restoration services for fire damage and flooding/water damage.